Buon Gusto Farms is a Certified Organic family run farm nestled in a corner of Ventura, California where olive trees thrive and we harvest the best olives to make the freshest most delicious Extra Virgin and flavored Olive Oils. Everything¬†we do is with Buon Gusto, Italian for “good taste!”

Our Buenaventura Estate Blend Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a bolder, grassier extra virgin just right to dip, drizzle, or even cook with.

Our California Coastal Organic Extra Virgin is a mild and buttery oil with a pepper finish.

Try our Garlic Basil California Coastal Olive Oil for a different kind of flavored oil, made through the process of Afrugato.

Explore our shop for all of our options, vinegars to pair, soaps to pamper, and balms to moisturize.